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my second last place of interim residence.....

well, arrived in Coolangata last night after a drive from Hervey bay - via Rainbow Beach and Maroochydore......can't believe I can actually spell that. It was a great drive up through some amazing treed hills and views of broad valleys. I will try and visit some of the local parks and wildlife sanctuaries and maybe see my first platypus? I hope. I have to find a new battery for my camera.....one has died.....and need another backup....cheers! until later....

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another long (beautiful) day in paradise...

the weather had predicted some clouds and showers in the morning. Someone who has control of these things wasn't listening. it turned into another fabulous clear and relatively calm sunny day - I think we hit 29C. I took a trip up to the NPs north of Hervey Bay with Nadia. It ended up being a much more substantial journey and the "neverlost" Garmin GPS drove us into a budding residential community with NO through roads! hahahaha! I pushed a button that said alternate route - and presto we were back on our way again. We ended up at a beach called Middle Beach in the Town of 1770/Agnes Water - it must be close to 5km long and the surf just crashes in - endlessly - and sometime with a furious nature. We walked and walked and walked....it was so amazing....lots of different people doing different things.....we made our way back and saw the sunset at a place called the fingerboard roadhouse. Needless to say, I had the most relaxing of sleeps, but as seems to have become my default, I am usually awake by 530AM and do my now ritual of heading out the the beach to watch the sunrise. I don't think I have missed one yet on the entire trip....every one is different in some way....and there are so many different people that emerge as time progresses early in the morning. Each individual with what they have as their priorities for that moment in their day. Might be walking the dog, going for a walk/run, going shrimping/fishing, yoga or martial arts exercises, or me....just sitting there soaking up the fist days heat rays.....I have no real plans for today - thoufgh I do want to go visit the Reef Aquarium, it is supposed to be pretty good. Otherwise, get prepared for a departure tomorrow to Coolangata - south of Brisbane for my last stint before Sydney. Cheers!

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last post Wed (9th) - next post Fri (25th)

what the heck just happened....into a time warp....well ok ok...not really. Left to go out on the boat on the 10th, arrived back in Cairns on the 17th, and took the bus to Townsville, and booked myself into a really bed and a room that does not roll with the swells and sea. My words that evening.....thai noodles, white wine, and a bed that doesn't move! Waking up the next moring still had me swaying in the bathroom as I shaved!!

The boat trip you ask? how was that? well....I'm sorry...but there exist no words to describe that experience. I do have a videop of a very good portion of it, and many many many pics above and underwater! an amazing experience that included sharks, moray eels, sea snakes, dwarf seahorses, stonefish, lionfish, scorpionfish, giant clams, schools of 100's of yellow snapper, nemos and dories everywhere...and the list would go on and on and on....ad infinium....every aspect of the trip was fabulous. The boat generally will accomodate 28 - average 20 - for the first leg of the journey (3 1/2 days) there were but five. And then a total of 10 on the second leg. And there were twelve crew to take care of ourr every wim. I did 26 divves in 8 days, to a max. depth of 35m. I also took my Nitrox course on board so thiss allowed me to use enriched air (32-36% O2), and really helped fatigue in days of 4-5 days per day. You came out of the water, the crew handed you a glass of water, and a hot dry towl straight out of the dryer. There are so many other aspects that were special, it is hard to choose but one...also did night diving....that is VERY cool. Needless to say I think I have found something that I wil do more of in the future again for sure!

Made my way to Magnetic Island and enjoyed some of the most relaxing and engaging time of the trip. Lots of amazing people and scenery. A young lady I had met from Toronto made a birthday cake for me with candles and everything....that was so incredibly sweet!! We enjoyed an awesome hike down to Baldy Beach....a small isolated alcove that may as well have been from some postcard. I also hiked up the Fort Walk and saw koalas in the wild, a mom and her baby....and lizards, and little bentwing bats barely 10cm in length (body). And from the fort lookout - the views were.....astonishing......Amazing, simply amazing!

I made my way back to Townsville and the airport and used my credit from the early trip screwups by Virgin to fly to Brisbane. And then rented a car and drove out to the town stuck in the late 60's and early 70's (Nimbin) - what a total trip. That are about 45 minutes west of the coast is astonishingly beautiful - rich fertile land with ample rainfall and scenic views again like no other. I made my way back to Byron Bay to stay overnight and then make my way up to Hervey Bay the next day.

I continue to marvel at the depth and intensity of this journey and adventure. I could not have anticipated the potential peace, and joy, and stillness that has come from my experiences to date. It will end, but I have come to another place in my conciousness that is truly amazing. It may be a challenge to retain this state of mind I am sure, but in the mean time I will plan my next journey and next adventure. Thanks for following along with me.....Cheers!

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let's try this.....its Wednesday

another fabulous day down under - or on top from their/my current perspective. took a trip up north to the Daintree Rainforest National Park and Cape Tribulation. Simply amazing. walked the boardwalks through the rainforest, palms that grow approx. 1m per 100 years....and the biggest we saw was like 8m! 800 years old! apparently there is one in the park that is 20+ meters - over 2000 years old! park rangers won't tell anyone where it is. and BIG spiders - where the female ate the male after he bred her. say WHAT?! got some great photos - spider porn! hahahahahaha. alright alright....I'm a biologist....we do that sort of thing! Took a river cruise and saw crocs (BIG corcs.....3m and 700kg!!!!!!!), green tree snakes, kingfisher (VERY colourful)....spent a lot of time looking for the elusive cassowary....none to be seen - they are VERY rare and endangered. saw little skinks and geckos...little lizard b*st*rds are too fast for my feeble attempts to get a pic of them. but otherwise - simply an amazing trip today! simply outstanding! I have NEVER seen beaches like this - ever! I am walking around with a permanent smile pasted to my face. A silly grin that won't go away! and its not drug induced! hahahahaha! will continue to try and make an effort to post pics....but most of these computer terminals do not allow the connection of peripherals....so....I'll have to keep looking! cheers! I am out on the boat for my dive expedition. won't see land again until the 17th....not sure about the email/internet on the boat.....cheers!

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day I fergit and don't care.....oh...I already said that

hey there....its Tuesday....hey now thats an accomplishment....I actually do know what day it is....had a day of rest and scheduling....making arrangements for down the road. I am heading up to Cape Tribulation tomorrow.....check out the rainforest and the estuaray....and the crocs and other assorted wildlife. Supposed to be great photo opportunities. Then on Thursday bright and early....off onto the liveaboard dive expedition for the next 8 days, returning to Cairns on the 17th in the morning. Don't expect I will have internet access on the boat? or maybe....but will keep posting as much and as often as I can.

I keep forgetting to mention that my luggage actually did show up. A blessing for sure as this could have become problematic if not. Very few nude beaches, and no nude lunch rooms at all!

The rest of my Open Water dives were absolutely fabulous. So I am now totally certified...I mean certifiable. hahahahahaha These open water dives were amazing....like swimming is a huge aquarium without the glass walls. turtles, sharks, stingrays, triggerfish, lots of nemos and dory's (you have to know that from the movie....finding nemo) ..... gosh....I just can't remember it all. The way these public communal computer setups are I continue to be challenged with posting pics. I will continue to try....I will certainly have a load of pics to share...if and when I can get the technology arranged to allow me to do so.

Last night went out to dinner with a whole dive crew....Brits, Dutch, Germans, Danes, Belgians, Aussies, and myself. As I walked home at 2AM.....ok well walk might be stretching it...but whose looking? I thought about that and the marvel of all the different perspectives and stories we all had to share! it was such a blast! very enlightening!

This country has its environmental challenges as well. The worst drought in over 100 years. An exploding population of fruit bats that are driving the residents of a particular part of Cairns absolutely bonkers....yea...thats an ozzie term. The noise associated with the dredging of the Daintree River ferry crossing made the operator shut down and implement noise mitigation....and in the mean time....tourists traveling north from Cairns have to wait for the tide to come in so that the ferry can pass....the tourism industry is pissed! yea thats another ozzie term....the use (or is that abuse) of the Great Barrier Reef is astonishing....And I do mean abuse....literally 1000's of people PER DAY....yes 1000's PER DAY visit....trashing the delicate nature of the coral reefs. AND the fuunniest part....they all want to see nemos....but guess what? these people can't even swim! amazing....truly amazing!

and so is this another phrase of the ozzies....no worries mate! till next time...can you tell?....I'm having a ball! cheers mate!

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