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day "I forget"....whose counting?

hahahaha...how pitiful is that, I can't even count how many days its been, and actually I suppose I could but I'm not goonna...cuz I don't care.....its Monday AM - time to get out and do my second open water dive test today. yesterday went out the the Great Barrier Reef and did two dives. Its like swimming in a big aquarium without glass walls. The seas were pretty rough....so folks got sick.....and it was certainly a new experience for me. the swells got pretty serious towards the end of the trip....and on the trip home (about 1.5 hours), it was a trip for sure. Sea spray everywhere! The diving was spectacular. Nemos everywhere. ok ok...clown fish. and so so so so many others. I will have to learn all the names. Potato Cod....big friggin ugly looking grouper kinda thing....about the size of a person. Giant clams.....huge....and I mean huge! anyhow....I've been told that the expedition that I am going on is likely one of the best in Australia, and the places we will go ar one of the best dive experiences in the world! So for now...I should get my ass in gear and head out. I'll have two days of rest before going out on my liveaboard boat expedition, and will take dsome time them to hopeful.y post some pics and write a little more. So far so good. The sun is hugley powerful...yes I got burned...a little. The temps are in the 80's including the water. the beaches are priceless....as is all the scenery so far! cheers all!

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Day two - Cairns

well the morning has been a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable time. took a long hot sohwer, and feel into a dep restful sleep. Woke up with the sun rising and the birds singing. calm, quiet, tranquil - all I could ask for this morning. Went out and grabbed my favorite coffee and sat and read my book for a couple of hours. Talked with a young Brit (Rob) and he's off scuba diving for the day. Has been skydiving too....I will take today fairly easy as the next two days for the open water dives will be more than enough I'm sure. I will also try and make sure I can confirm where my luggage is at. 'till later.....cheers!

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Day one ++

Day one plus plus (left Calgary @100PM on Wednesday and its already Friday.....is that cool or just weird?)......its 3:24PM Friday Sydney time.....everuyones heading somewhere for the weekend....and I'm still here even though I shouldn't be. I have experienced rather significant delays and cancellations of flights, and a loss of my luggage. But hey...who cares....I'm on my way! I will finally be getting into Cairns tonight at about 1000PM local time.....as long as there are no other delays. I have tomorrow (Saturday) as a day of rest prior to my Open Water dives on Sunday and monday....so I think the berach will be VERY inviting tomorrow! Just a short note....and more to come later. I am so happy to be on my way....its all good!

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and final sleep remains......

the night before departure. All packed, with room to spare no less. All the paperwork together, and all the other little details hopefully all taken care of. Friends came over and picked up Majesty, Alanna's wonderful pearled cockatiel. They have graciously offered to care for him during my trip. Its going to be a long trek....arriving in Sydney at 700AM and then on to Cairns for a noon arrival. So....Friday at noon, I will likely be looking for some time to just relax and be still for a bit after traveling continuously for what will be more than a long enough time, I'm sure. I have made the choice of traveling with a PocketPC so this should enable updates simpler as I could do it at any WiFi hotspot. It can also talk to my camera so I should be able to provide photo updates too. That and I dumped a pile of music onto it for something to listen to as well! Well my next post will be from some other continent! cheers!

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two more sleeps......

hahahaha...I sound like a lil'kid. I feel like a lil'kid. all the prep work and planning have been done, cuz if it ain't done now.....move on to your next task, cuz you're too late! I finished up my scuba certification on Friday. As always, tests scare me no matter how much I have prepared. At the end, the instructor asked how confident I was, I hummmed and hawed. Well, it was enuf and that's another important thing taken care of. Otherwise, not much else different. Winter returned to Calgary this past weekend, and it is as good a time as any to leave. I am gonna miss the kids (A LOT!) but this is my adventure, and I'll be back home with them again in no time.

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