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the epilogue

so...I've been home for a couple of weeks now...almost. The trip home was very good, without much complications or discomfort. Though I did lose my passport in the Sydney airport just prior to boarding the plane. Whew - found it quickly - had dropped it upon exiting the restrooms, and found a man walking around with it, open, comparing the photo with people he saw. I walked up to him, and said yup...that's me....and thank the lord for you to have picked it up. The rest of the trip, although long, was tolerable - considering the circumstances of it being the end of the most wonderful and exciting trip of my life!!

The kids came to meet me at the airport, and crushed me upon my exit to the arrivals lounge. It was a wonderful weekend to spend at home with them again.

So what do I remember best/worst from my trip? best? well pretty much the entire trip in one capacity or anotehr. would I go back? in a heartbeat! Mostly, I seemed to have identified a manner to be, yes simply be, and enjoy the immediate moment, the current slice of time and events - be complete there, and totally aware. And ... in a practical sense, if I put as much energy into exploring and seeking adventure here as I did over this trip there, then our world class recreation opportunities 15-45 minutes from home came also give me the same thrills? well ok, its a stretch, as Australia, and the GBR, and, and, and.....that's still special to our backyard. But, the important thing is, it is all about your mental approach to the circumstance - you and an individual are completely resonsible for how you feel, regardless of circumstances.

And the best part - I had had some curiousity about hanging onto this once dropped back into the mayhem of daily "working" life. well, so far so good. there has been a "space" created that I can go to any time I wish, and it is this soft, calm, quiet, serene, comfortable, peaceful, and very happy place. This will be the lasting memory of this most wonderful and exciting adventure.

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leaving on a jet plane.....coming home!

final day in Sydney. Had an awesome day yesterday. Went and toured the Royal Botanical Gardens, and then the Sydney Opera House, and took a ferry across the harbour to Darling Harbour and took in the Aquarium. All around a full and engaging day. Though I am again reminded that I am tired and am ready to come home. I have miseed Alanna and Matt so much and now will share the pictures and stories of my most awesome adventure. I do have to pay more attetnion to the routing on the cityrail - I got lost more than once in the depths of Sydney's underground......too funny! they have like 3-4 levels deep and each path is going to a different part of the city....and I was going places I didn't want to turningt around and then doing it all over again ..... too funny! The sundown came just as we came back across the harbour and the view of the bridge and the opera house bathed in late evening sun was awesome! I will be posting pic when I get home over the next days or so.....cheers!

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a final day in Sydney before returning home again.....

the past couple of days have been wonderfully relaxing.....well ok...in the most part....i seem to have geared up my hiking legs to the point where I just keep going and going and going.....it was a long day yesterday.....an awesome sunrise, and then a walk to Bondi Junction, catch the train, miss my stop, back track a little, and then off at Circular Quay. Took a ferry across the harbour to Manly, and wandered there and out and around the North Head of Sydney National Park for several hours. Stopped in to visit the Ocean Aquarium, and their displays including Grey Nurse Sharks. A ferry risde back and some shopping along the way home. Something to eat and a hot shower and falling in a deep sleep again.

As I was sitting on the beach wall at Manly, I was eating my luch. The gulls have become rather aggressive in a couple of places during mty trip but this one really takes the cake. I was eating a great fish/seafood and chips and had taken a bite out of a piece of calamari, and was holding the remaining in my hand as I chewed the first piece. Out of nowhere, a gull plucked it neatly from my fingers as they swooped by and got their meal.....wow....startled me and then I laughed.....no one can sit with food in their hand for long....fair game I guess!!!!

And then there was a couple of little kids that stripped down naked and went to play in the surf. Unadulterated and pure fun.....they were jumping and squealing and having so much fun....I could feel their joy!

I have said of the recent past that I lived a wonderful dream with my past life and that is certainly was (and that I will try and live a few more). There have been so many horse stories to relate to the people that I have met on this trip about the fun that we all had raising horses and the family on the farm - and the hard work too. That was one dream, and I have now taken a new dream and made it reality now as well. I cannot think of a better way to have celebrated my entry in5to the second 1/2 century. it has been totally amazing.

But an interesting point.....one thing that I did not expect from this trip. And that was that we spend a lot of time and energy getting to places to enjoy them. The fundamentals of eternal happiness would suggest that if we spent less time looking and seeking happiness, and more time just enjoying our various moments, we might realize we already have it. To seek is to be unhappy with the present - stop seeking and be happy with the present. And specifically, this in relevant to destinations for travel and relaxation. We have some of the best backcountry hiking in the world in Kananaskis and neighbouring environs. And so many other choices that we seem to spend a blind eye to. I come halfway around the world to marvel at truely marvelous sights and scenes. I might remember in the future that the choice is also there for me to marvel at the sights and scenes we have at home - other people travel half way around the world to see my home, maybe I can spend a little time truely enjoying that as well.

what a wonderful experience this trip has been. Emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically, a very very full trip indeed. Well, one more day.....I am going to visit the botanical gardens and do some other city stufff. Cheers! Think about it, dream about it, and then do it!

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April 29th - into the last days

as the days have ticked away.....I have great pleasure in recalling the various times and places and people and sights. It has been a wonderful trip, beyond any expectations. Another fabulous sunrise this morning. The colours are yellow orange red on one horizon and deep blue purple red on the other.....dramatic to say the least. Went and found my platypus today. A pair of them actually. They are part of the nocturnal exhibit at the wildlife sanctuary in Burleigh Head. Well worth the trip, as was the rest of the day spent at various beaches and outlooks. I am off to Sydney to hang my shorts at bondi for a few days before the plane will depart back to Calgary. I will be in touch with a couple from the SpoilSport and maybe take in a little of the city. Cheers!

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the great walk.......down and up

a new day and a new sunrise in Coolangatta. Got my camera batteries charged and off to the Springbrook National Park I go. Its only 44km and I end up on a couple of different tracks. One leading almost straight down into the gorge below - 1400m decent includeing over 900 stairs. Well, I am always up for a challenge. It was a wonderful hike, and certainly added to my exercise quota for this trip. Then made my way along the falls tracks and looked across broad deep valleys of rainforest and 100m falls! The light contrasts and shadows, and light plays in general at 3-4pm in the afternoon in these environs is staggering! I get in about 4 hours of walking and some truly magnificent terrain. Needless to say I have a zillion pictures. I will have tovgo through all that and make some saense of it all upon my return. Tomorrow I am off to the wildlife sanctuary and will seek out the so far elusive platypus.....Cheers!

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